About Chabad-Lubavitch

The Philosophy

Chabad-Lubavitch is a philosophy, a movement, and an organization. It is considered to be the most dynamic force in Jewish life today.

Lubavitch appropriately means the "city of brotherly love"The word "Chabad" is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of: chachmah-wisdom, binah-comprehension and da'at-knowledge. The movement's system of Jewish religious philosophy, the deepest dimension of G‑d's Torah, teaches understanding and recognition of the Creator, the role and purpose of Creation, and the importance and unique mission of each Creature. This philosophy guides a person to refine and govern his and her every act and feeling through wisdom, comprehension and knowledge.

The word "Lubavitch" is the name of the town in White Russia where the movement was based for more than a century. Appropriately, the word Lubavitch in Russian means the "city of brotherly love." The name Lubavitch conveys the essence of the responsibility and love engendered by the Chabad philosophy toward every single Jew.

The Movement

Following its inception 250 years ago, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement — a branch of Hasidism — swept through Russia and spread in surrounding countries as well. It provided scholars with answers that eluded them and simple farmers with a love that had been denied them. Eventually the philosophy of Chabad-Lubavitch and its adherents reached almost every corner of the world and affected almost every facet of Jewish life.

Chabad of Taos was founded in July 0f 2008 


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   After 3 very succesful years of community service, the Chabad of Taos-Center for Jewish Life has been searching for a new location to serve the growing needs of our community and the many programs that run out of Chabad.

   Well, we searched and we have found! Chabad has just moved to a beautiful location in the center of town. The 2,000 square foot building, near Kit Carson Park and Peoples Bank will do justice to our community and its growing needs. The space has a kitchen, a sanctuary, a play room, offices, a room for a library & classes, and a nice space for our Kosher Co-Op.

   A great deal of time and recources have been put into the move by some very generous and dedicated individuals.

   A very special thank you to Jonothan Sobol for putting in many hours and days into moving Chabad to the new location.

   Thanks very much Steve Natelson, Paul Johnson, Chumi Leshem, Jamie Bauer, Melody Will-Naegel, Madelyn Baker, Chaz Rothenberg, James Love and Judah Botzer for all your tireless efforts towards making our new Center a reality.