Kosher in Taos!

     K osher on the   M ountain

Taos Kosher co-op

Upon community request, the

Chabad of Taos, Center for Jewish Life

has undertaken to provide Kosher food to Taos.

Please find information below about the many benefits

of eating Kosher and the Taos Kosher co-op.

Many of you asked us to provide kosher food to Taos. Chabad of Taos, Center for Jewish Life, listened and here it is! We are very pleased to let you know that the Taos Kosher Co-Op is now a reality.

As a service to the community, we have undertaken to provide kosher food at a minimal cost as a service to the community. Taos Kosher Co-Op will be supplying kosher food at lower prices, generally, than found in Denver or Santa Fe —while avoiding the expense of the gas, as well as the hassle of traveling there. 

If you have always wanted to eat kosher or had to travel out of town for your kosher needs, kosher is now as convenient as going to a local supermarket! 


Order info

Orders will be made approximately every couple of months.  We will be carrying some of the more common items on a regular basis.  These include chicken, hot dogs, fish products, ground beef, some steaks and dairy goods. We may have other items on hand. Call to find out what might be available.        

The best way to take advantage of the co-op is by preordering.  You are ensured that if it’s available from the supplier, you will be able to get what you want. For the first couple of orders we may require payment in advance. 

To keep costs as low as possible, Taos Kosher Co-Op orders from a large kosher distributor. This requires that we order in bulk. If what you want is not a common item, you may have to order an entire case.  Please call us to discuss ordering when you only want a small quantity of an uncommon item.  There may be other folks who also want that item and who might be willing to split the case with you. 

All food products will be shipped from a kosher plant to Taos Kosher Co-Op by cold freight.

The Taos Kosher co-op will be operating out of Chabad of Taos. We will be open on Sunday 10am-12pm, Wednesday 3pm-5pm and by appointment. Appointments can be made by phone or email.  

Taos Kosher Co-Op is under the strict supervision of

Rabbi Eli Kaminetzky.