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How do we unite heaven and earth, soul and body? How do we integrate the sacred and the mundane, the spiritual and the material?

The Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), and specifically the branch known as Chassidus, addresses this issue with what is called the "cosmic order," which consists of a series of stepping stones uniting spirit and matter. There are many layers to reality. The material world experience as we know it is just the surface level, within which exist many dimensions of spiritual energy waiting to be released. By appreciating these inner layers, we can learn to make order out of disorder, to gain insight into the unknown forces that determine all movement and behavior. Because all the different creatures and forces of the universe were created by one G‑d, disunity on the surface evokes a feeling in us of a unity within, and our souls reach for it.

Tuesday nights at 7 PM







 A 3 part series entitled:


The History of the Talmud


With texts, images and a hands on experience.  

1) History of the Talmud.

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Become familiar with the history, archaeology, and philosophy of science which provide the logical foundation of the Talmud.

Thursday, July 12. 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm





2) An ancient system in unprecedented times!



A two pronged system that includes structure and clarity on one hand, richness and flexible adaptation on the other, expecting humans to partner with the Divine in creating a holy and ethical society.

Thursday, July 19. 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm



3) Isn't the bible enough?




How do we know there is such a thing as an oral tradition? Why is it necessary for G‑d to transmit His message through a system of law that is both written and oral?

Thursday, July 26. 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm




Full course: $18

To Register please contact: 575-751-1323575-751-1323[email protected]

Instructor: Rabbi Eli Kaminetzky 




 Jewish Life-cycles

A look at the milestones in life that we celebrate together, which remind us who we are and why we are here: birth, circumcision, bar/bat-mitzvah, wedding.

This week:

Jewish Lifecycles.jpg       Wednesday 6:30 pm


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6:30 - 7:30 PM 

$36 for full course, please register in advance. 



A six-part series which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.


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G‑d & the torah

Does G‑d have a long flowing white beard? Join us as we explore the fundamentals of Judaism and our role in the world.



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Shabbat -an island in time

 Discover the spirit of this perfectly Divine day and how it can help achieve a life of inner peace while making each workday more productive and fulfilling. Explore the mystical, psychological, social, and cultural dimensions of Shabbat as we unlock a model for achieving balance and serenity in the modern age. 



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Kosher - A diet for the soul

Learn the basic principles for the kosher diet and whet your palette with its significance and meaning. Discover the meeting place of the body and the spirit.



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The Jewish Calendar

Take a journey through the Jewish calendar and get an elementary overview of the Jewish holidays and their customs.



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Jewish Life-cycles

A look at the milestones in life that we celebrate together, which remind us who we are and why we are here: birth, circumcision, bar/bat-mitzvah, wedding.




Intimacy and relationships

What does Judaism say about marital intimacy? Introduce meaning and sanctity into your marriage with the beautiful observances that make our marriages safe and long-lasting.