Mastering Positive Thinking


In this article we will be taking the Kabbalistic mystical teachings and applying them to our life. Of course if they are true in the book then they are true in real life as well.

1stly what is Kabalah? Kaballah is the wisdom of the inner workings of the world which has been passed down teacher to student since the beginning of time. In fact some say that the 1st book on Kaballah - Sefer Yetzirah was composed by Adam, the first man. This mystical tradition was mostly studied in secret out of fear that it be misunderstood or misused. In our times, because of their great necessity, the great spiritual masters have adapted these sacred teachings in a way that each of us can relate to, internalize and enhance our lives tremendously.

Positive thinking in three steps:


When we want to make a change in our life where is the most effective place to start?

The Kabbalists teach: The flow of consciousness travels through thought speech and action, in that order. The Zohar, the primary work of Kabbalah teaches that the mind by nature has the capacity to control the heart. So through gaining mastery of our mind we have the key to success in all other areas of our lives.

Step 1. Relaxation:

The word breathing in Hebrew is neshima which is made of the same letters as neshamah, the soul.

The Kabbalah teaches that the physical and spiritual are opposites. In order for them to unite and fuse together there is a process called “rotzu veshuv” a back and forth movement. They are united through a constant flow of new energy entering and old energy expiring. This is what breathing is. The body receives energy through the inhale exhale process.

Like a current of electricity, when u break it down, its many sub particles entering and leaving any given device.

So breathing is the mechanism that unites body and soul. When we breathe well our soul and body are in perfect harmony and we are happy, calm and relaxed.

This in general is a good practice to do maybe 10 minutes a day to help with peace of mind and relaxation.

Breathing practice: Relax and let loose. Focus on being, not doing. Breathe deeply and focus on the breath entering your body and leaving. Notice the breath is cooler as it enters, warmer as it leaves. Feel your stomach expand and contract. Observe how long it takes to breath in and how long to breath out.

Your brain may wonder, that’s normal but when you realize, gently escort your thoughts back to the breathing. Do for 10 minutes.

Step 2: The Essence of good and evil:

The kabbalists taught the following remedy based on a deep understanding of the very nature of evil and negativity.

In the previous class we discussed the teaching that the default position of this world is Good because that was the way the world was created in the first place. It’s just that things were distorted through the 1st sin when evil was introduced. Now we are going to expand on that idea.

Not only is good at the very core of everything but in fact goodness is the only true reality. This is because the true reality is the divine reality and there is only good in the divine, only good comes from above. Evil only appears to be real and exist but in truth it has no substance. In fact evil is only here temporarily, it has a shelf life and will eventually expire.

Why was evil created? Why does it seem to be so real? The Kabbalists explain that Evil is merely given temporary permission to appear as if it is real in order to test us and challenges us. The purpose of creation is that the Human Being through their own efforts create a dwelling place for the Divine Presence. When that happens the world will be back to perfection as it was in the beginning. In order for us to earn this perfect state we need to work and overcome challenge. This is why the evil side was created, to challenge us. It has no inherent truth and value other than to challenges us and for us to overcome it.

Based on this premise the kabbalists concluded that the best way to treat evil and negativity is by revealing its true nature. What’s its true nature? Nothingness, a vacuum. Not to give it any credence. When we relate to evil that way we are uncovering its façade and revealing its true nature. Imagine a bad dream that seems so real and vivid at the time but when you wake up you realize it was only a dream. The same is true with negative thoughts, the 1st thing we need to know and realize is what their true nature is. A void, insignificant, untrue, it has no bearing on truth and reality. They are just here to test us and our job is to dismiss them. How often do we need to go to an appointment and just then we start noticing what needs fixing around the house or someone calls. This is the evil trying to disturb us from doing what we are supposed to do.

Step 3: Displacing and replacing thoughts

We mentioned earlier that we are given the ability to control our thoughts and any unwanted material that tries to make its way in. But how can this be done? How do we control what we think? If we are told that we are not allowed to think about a red bull for example, what do we end up thinking about? There is a steady stream of thoughts that comes in and the mind must be thinking something at any given time.

So the Kabbalist came up with the following mechanism. Although there is always a steady stream, the Human brain was designed to focus on only one thought at a time. While we are engaged in one thought we cannot be engaged in another thought. Try thinking about a red bull and then a white sheep at the same time. Can you think of them at the same time? Yes, if they are beside

each other. But now try and think of them exclusively, a red bull by itself and then a white sheep by itself. They cannot be thought of at the same time!

So the trick is as soon as a negative thought comes in we can toss it out immediately and replace it right away with a positive productive thought. That way we immediately redirect the stream of thought in the right direction.

Summary: 3 steps for positive thinking. 1. Relaxation 2. Internalizing the futility & true purpose of evil 3. Thought replacement. Each of these 3 steps are necessary to weaken the potency of negative thoughts and ultimately gain complete control over them.