Wisdom & Atomic Energy


Wisdom, the first channel

The 10 Kabalistic Divine channels of energy serve as the blueprint for all facets of existence. The first and most powerful channel in this sequence is Chokhmah, lit. wisdom. B’chokhmah isberiru; the world is refined through the channel of wisdom. Wisdom serves as a bridge between the subconscious levels and the mundane world affording it an opportunity to be refined and filtered. It is this filtering process that clears up the world from its confusion and disarray.

The Human Being, as a microcosm of the universe, is comprised of these 10 channels, as well. Since wisdom is the first channel, and everything flows from there, when one advances their thinking and understanding, they will ultimately enhance the way they feel, speak and act.


Some wisdom comes naturally through common sense while some is gained through experience. Some must be gained from others who are well versed and excel in a given area. Yet, some wisdom cannot be reached by Human Being’s on their own and must come to them from a higher place. Maimonides said that Aristotle grasped as much as the human mind is able without Divine assistance.

Each area of life has logic and wisdom to it. The greater & truer the wisdom, the more pervasive, and potent it is and the more potential it has to make a difference. Divine Wisdom is the highest and therefore the most effective. It has the power to elevate a person to the highest place.

A Nuclear Reaction

A spiritual leader and mentor who also ran a business felt that juggling both positions was getting too much for him and his family. He consulted the Rebbe who encouraged him to keep the business and do even more for his community. “If you have your own business while being a teacher your impact will go much further” The Rebbe said. “But how is this realistic?” the man asked. “I’ll tell you your difficulty” the Rebbe replied. “You think Human interaction is like a chemical reaction. With a chemical reaction two elements react with each other and produce a third compound as a result.

When people react, however, it’s a nuclear reaction. With a nuclear reaction you need to think in terms of a center spot and a sphere that reacts in all directions at the same time. As the outer rings of that sphere expand, the number of people you’re touching increases and there’s no limit. When you really touch the heart of one person, though it may be a moments interaction, that’s a nuclear explosion in terms of impact. That person will in turn touch so many other people.” [6]

This mentor was under the impression that he must spend lots of time and energy to make his mark, more than he could afford. This led to unrealistic expectations and thoughts of compromise. Once a new perspective was introduced conceptually, a total shift of focus was able to take place. He has been motivated to focus more on the quality of his work. This new focus will save him the time he needs and lead him to greater success. It all changed with a new piece of wisdom!

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